Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year, New Hate

Daytime Hell Why is so much perfectly good hate being wasted on Rachel Ray when there's The Greg Behrendt Show? Having actually sat through entire episode today (yes, I realize that anyone who watches local TV in the afternoon gets exactly what they deserve), I got the most violent How the Fuck Did This Guy Get His Own Show?! whiplash since the debut of Magic Johnson's talk show in '98 (The Magic Hour ... is this what 'Nam flashbacks are like?). For a gelled-up douchebag with an alleged comedy background, Behrendt isn't even Morning Zoo funny--in fact, there wasn't a detectable nanosecond of comedy in that whole hour I'm never, ever getting back. Will my white-hot hatred of Dr. Phil be diluted if I shift some of my daytime TV malice in this dickhead's direction? Willing to take the chance: New year, new goals ...

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