Tuesday, June 26, 2007

DVDs 6.26.07

Black Snake Moan Grizzled bluesman (Samuel L. Jackson) meets half-nekkid ‘ho-bag (Christina Ricci); love, redemption and killer blues tunes ensue. Paramount.com

Frankenstein Conquers the World The preserved heart of Dr. Frankenstein is hit with radiation and grows into a 20-foot-tall monster—just in time to battle Baragon! Media-Blasters.com

Dope Mania/Sex Mania Funny anti-fun propaganda shorts spanning the ’20s to ‘60s, all currently being used in Utah school curricula … as far as you know. Facets.org

High School Musical: The Concert Throw out the plot and just get on with the super-awesome musical numbers! If you can hear ‘em over the squealing teens, that is. Disney.com

Shooter Mark Wahlberg is a disillusioned guv’ment sniper called back by The Man for One Last Mission: Save the president! And blow shit up! Paramount.com

Twisted Sister: The Video Years For the first time on DVD: Some of the cheesiest rock videos ever, plus a killer 1987 MTV concert and unnecessary new interviews. Rhino.com

More New DVD Releases (6.26) Film School, Gomer Pyle: Season 2, Miami Vice: Season 5, Monk: Season 5, Mystery Science Theater 3000: Vol. 11, Psych: Season 1, Reno 911: Season 4

Studio 60: LOL Edition
Aaron Sorkin’s initially-fantastic-but-now-craptacular Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip ends its rocky NBC run Thursday, June 28, never to be seen again—except on a zillion YouTube videos. The doctored LOL Edition adds a laugh track, and damned if it doesn’t work—even if the characters are yammering on about war hostages, pregnancy complications and Jesus. Ha!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Paula's Burning Sensation

Hey Paula Thursday 6.28 (Bravo) Series Debut: Bravo’s celebrity-reality shows veer between highly entertaining (Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List provides more laughs than most networks’ entire sitcom lineups) and highly disturbing (Being Bobby Brown—ditto). Their latest let’s-follow-a-fameless-star-around-and-hope-for-a-train-wreck vehicle is Hey Paula, all about the wacky world of American Idol lush, er, judge Paula Abdul—sounds perfect, right? Kiss my ass, Bob-bay! Hey Paula doesn’t address Abdul’s alleged craziness or dope-iness; it just walks you through her hectic days of hawking crap on QVC and praising crap on Idol—all of which is as thrilling as reading someone else’s day planner. Poor, busy celebrities!

The Starter Wife Thursday 6.28 (USA) Miniseries Finale: This should have been over weeks ago. The initial two hours of The Starter Wife were charming enough, but the miniseries ran out of story long before it exhausted the wardrobe (apparently a larger—as in, size 2—concern). The semi-autobiographical epic been on so long that creator Gigi Levangie-Grazer left her power-player husband for real during the run, and star Debra Messing has had to have her roots retouched twice—or was it the other way around? Anyway, in the finale, Molly (Messing) chooses between the old rich guy and the hunky young homeless guy, and USA will be brainstorming over how drag this out into a series. Yeah … neither choice really needs to be made—just let it ride, folks.

Burn Notice Thursday 6.28 (USA) Series Debut: Agent Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan of USA’s too-short-lived Touching Evil) gets fired and blacklisted by the CIA and dumped in Miami. Upside: Plenty of rays, bikinis and opportunities to whip off sunglasses while dropping Caruso quips. Downside: He doesn’t know why he was canned, he now has to take on freelance private-eye gigs and the mother he hates (Sharon Gless) also lives in Miami. Burn Notice glides by on flashy cinematography and casual cool, and Westen has Black-Ops spy skills and suave charm that the dicks of USA’s Monk and Psych can’t touch. Throw in Bruce Campbell (yes, Old Spice pitchman Bruce Campbell) as his boozing/womanizing ex-spy pal, and you have what should, rightfully, be The Next Big Cable Hit. Then again, I said that about Touching Evil, too …

The Loop Sunday 7.1 (Fox) Series Finale: Didn’t know it was back on? Has been for a few weeks; sorry, forgot to drop a reminder for you dozen Loop fans. The show has been canceled by Fox (like Standoff—quit sending me e-mails insisting it isn’t; I know stuff) even though it’s a better comedy than some of the crap they’re retaining (ahem, ‘Til Death), and some of the funnier episodes have languished in the summer burn-off. Like the first half of tonight’s two-part sendoff: Sam’s airline accidentally ticks off a group of fatties known as … the American Association of Plus-Sized Adults. Please, please let the AAPSA be repurposed next season on House.

Hidden Palms Wednesday 7.4 (The CW) Season Finale: So it’s not as bad as I originally thought. Still sucks. Buh-bye!

Drive Wednesday 7.4 (Fox) Series Finale: Speaking of burn-offs, Fox is unloading the final two episodes of Drive on the Fourth of July—at least they’re not rerunning Independence Day again. God, I hate Will Smith. So, when last we left Drive in April, the high-stakes cross-country car race was heating up, the intrigue and back-stories were piling up, and these final two hours will tie up … pretty much nothing, as the season was intended to run 13 episodes, not six. Perpetual cliffhangers: The American (or at least Fox) way.