Friday, January 12, 2007

No Static at All

Sucking the '70s Scrolling through the Comcast OnDemand selections of "Free Movies" (read: crap they won't even show on TBS at 2 a.m.) last night, I ran across that 1978 gem FM, starring Martin Mull, Eileen Brennan, Alex Karras (!) and various other actors with shaggy hair and beards, as well as concert segments with Linda Rondstadt (totally hot circa '78) and Jimmy Buffet (eh). It's the story of a "renegade" SoCal FM station with eccentric DJs who spin such '70s underground artists as Steely Dan, The Eagles, even Tom Petty (who also appears in the flick, all 99 pounds of him). The station becomes so popular that ad weasels from the parent company take notice and decide to sell the shit out of it--including selling spots to (ack!) the Army. This eventually leads to a DJ sit-in at "Q-Sky" that draws an adoring mob of badly-dressed supporters and escalates into a riot set to the anarchy-fueled sounds of ... fucking Foghat? Granted, "Slow Ride" rocks balls, but come on ...

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