Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sick, Wrong ... and Back!

Dead Sitcom Walking After a few weeks off, ABC's In Case of Emergency returns tonight, in the pre-Lost pole position. This would usually be good news, but since Lost has been (ahem) losing viewers by the millions in its new/later timeslot, it ain't going to bring a whole lotta new eyes to In Case of Emergency. Too bad, because ICE is one of the few comic surprises of the midseason, and it's all kinds of sick and wrong—in an almost It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia sort of way, at least as much as you can get away with on network TV. Observe this clip from the premiere episode, then check out the latest (wherein Jonathan Silverman gets, er, serviced by Jane Seymour—oh, Dr. Quinn!) tonight. Logic says the show won't be on for much longer ...

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