Tuesday, May 22, 2007

DVDs 5.22.07

Alone With Her Tom Hanks’ kid Colin plays a disturbed loner stalking a woman who apparently doesn’t respond to “Don’t you know who my dad is?” IFC.com

Apocalypto Mel Gibson’s great big Mayan adventure, complete with subtitles and raping and plundering and lions and tigers—oh my! Apocalypto.movies.go.com

Epic Movie A dare was issued to make a worse movie than Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Or a parody of blockbuster films. Done! FoxHome.com

Kitchen Confidential: Complete Series Not to be confused with Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Confidential was smart, funny and, of course, instantly canceled by Fox in 2005. FoxHome.com

Kyle XY: Season 1 A teen hunk with no bellybutton emerges naked from the forest with no memory—is he an alien? Who cares? Naked teen hunk! ABCFamily.com

The OC: Season 4 The final season, Marissa-free and Taylor Townsend-riffic. Absent from the extras: “Whatever Happened to Phantom Planet?” WarnerBros.com

More New DVD Releases (5.22) Airwolf: Season 3, Fay Grim, The Good German, Instant Star: Season 1, Scrubs: Season 5

Flight of the Conchords
HBO’s new comedy series Flight of The Conchords (kind of a New Zealand-via-New York spin on Tenacious D, starring kiwi comical-musical duo The Conchords) doesn’t debut until June 17, but the hilarious first episode is available for free online right now at HBO.com and MySpace.com/Conchords. After that, you’ll just have to go back to stealing cable.

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