Tuesday, June 19, 2007

DVDs 6.19.07

Bachelor Party Massacre A stripper hired for a bachelor party goes nuts and starts killing dudes, as per the title. Don’t worry, Mike Nifong is on the case. TrinityVideo.tv

Animaniacs: Vol. 3 Yakko, Wakko and Dot continue to plague Warner Bros. until they’re gunned down by security—at least in the Director’s Cut. WarnerBros.com

Inside Out Suburban psychological thriller; the biggest mystery being how Grey’s Anatomy’s Kate Walsh became the headliner. AnchorBayEntertainment.com

Pinky & The Brain: Vol. 3 The Brain finally realizes that if he does in fact take over the world, he’ll be stuck in charge of a few billion Pinky-like idiots. Narf! WarnerBros.com

Reno 911: Miami Perhaps the only time you’ll see Patton Oswalt and The Rock guesting in the same movie. Beyond that, it’s just the TV show with tits. FoxHome.com

Silver Spoons: Season 1 The groundbreaking ‘80s drama series about heroin-shooting pre-teens, millionaire slackers and Buck Rogers’ hot ex-sidekick. SonyPictures.com

More New DVD Releases (6.19) Bridge to Terabithia, Fire Serpent, Picket Fences: Season 1, Powerpuff Girls: Season 1

The Showbiz Show
The Season Whatever (sorry, lost track) finale of The Showbiz Show With David Spade is Thursday, June 21, but the snarky series is best viewed in small vid-chunks, anyway. Better than Comedy Central’s PG Motherlode clips are the factory-direct uncensored takes at TheShowbizShow.com; check Kate Walsh’s (yeah, her again) F-bombed rant against Maxim’s Hot 100. Maybe she is a headliner.

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