Friday, July 18, 2008

Gossip Girl: Very Bad For You

The CW's Gossip Girl isn't a favorite of The Only TV Column That Matters™, but the show's new ad campaign deserves props for turning the outrage of pinhead morality groups back on itself. No, I'm still never going to actually watch Gossip Girl, but this is some funny shit.

The ads pull quotes from various publications (including that brain trust known as the Parents Television Council, who think the only show appropriate for viewing on TV right now is The Greatest American Dog ... seriously) and use them as surprisingly effective selling points: "Very bad for you, " "Mind-blowingly inappropriate," "A nasty piece of work" and "Every parent's nightmare," coupled with sexy pix = advertising gold!

1 comment:

Hunter Red said...

Wait, the PTC has a major problem with Gossip Girl? When is this show on! I will watch every episode from now on! Fuck the PTC!!!