Wednesday, August 17, 2011

TV Tonight: Ton of Cash, Love In the Wild, Ghost Hunters Int’l

What’s new tonight:
Ton of Cash (VH1) Series Debut: 14 contestants haul a literal ton of cash from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and somehow one of ‘em wins said ton of cash—did I mention that the show is called Ton of Cash? Or that there’s a Salt Laker (Amie Rose) in the mix? Still, there’s some comfort in knowing that this isn’t the dumbest fucking idea ever for a reality-competition show. That would be …

Love In the Wild (NBC) Season/Series Finale: Who’s gonna find love on the finale of Jungle Humpin’? Myself and 90 percent of America couldn’t care less, ratings say.

Ghost Hunters International (Syfy) Season Finale: In other Shit That Don’t Exist news, the Hunters travel to New Zealand to not find ghosts at an old prison in the ever-so-thrilling season finale tonight. Don’t worry: The original Ghost Hunters will be back in a week or so to not find ghosts right here in ‘Merica.

Also new tonight:
Big Brother (CBS); So You Think You Can Dance (Fox); Minute to Win It, America’s Got Talent (NBC); Hot in Cleveland, Happily Divorced (TV Land); Legend Quest (Syfy); Royal Pains, Necessary Roughness (USA); Roseanne’s Nuts (Lifetime); I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant (TLC); Rescue Me (FX)

This is how you haul a Ton of Cash. Clothes optional.

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