Friday, September 16, 2011

KSL’s We Are Utah: It Ain’t The Playboy Club

What’s KSL 5 running this Monday at 9 instead of NBC’s moral-fabric-of-society-destroying The Playboy Club? Something just as edgy! Or at least, something.

This press release doesn’t quite clear it up:

We Are Utah features the people, places and cultural quirks that make Utah a great place to live.

“We will explore everything Utah, from our bad driving records, to our beautiful people and our amazing talents. And we’ll have fun with the cultural quirks that we all recognize and love as we hit the streets, ‘Jaywalking’ style, to figure out why we can’t pronounce ‘Layton.’ We will venture into the streets of Utah, from businesses to schools, trying to make sense of it all.

“We invite you to tune in, be part of our journey and be proud to be a Utahn. We think?!%$%. This is an exciting departure of style for KSL, so expect the unexpected!”

Other than an inordinate amount of time in “the streets,” still not sure what the hell We Are Utah is supposed to be. Maybe these promos will help:



JM Bell said...


Picket Fences all over again. Replacing a shitty TV show full of suggetive T&A with a shittier TV show full of shit.

JM Bell said...

"Suggestive" *dbl facepalm*

MMA said...

wait a second....that kid had tattoos and was using a Mac!! What is KSL thinking? I for one will not watch that filth!