Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Hung Season 3 Trailer

Last night, I powered through the final episodes of FX's Rescue Me (uneven, but everything still ties up nicely), the first Season 4 ep of Sons of Anarchy (the shit is going down!), and the new Season 3 episodes of HBO's Hung. Believe it or not, I enjoyed Hung the most--and not just because of the sex and nudity. Partially, yes, but not entirely.

The new season begins Sunday, Oct. 2, and the bonin' business is tougher than ever for man-'ho Ray (Thomas Jane) and pimpette Tanya (Jane Adams), thanks to the Detroit economy and the wrath of dumped "partner" Lenore (Rebecca Creskoff), who's representing a new, younger he-hooker with the vicious intent to take a bite out of their market. Ray's loony ex-wife (loony Anne Heche) and hysterically homely kids are also back in the mix, and Hung is blatantly dialing the comedy back up after a semi-downer Season 2--no complaints here.

Oh, and Creskoff gets naked frequently again this year. Complaints, none, ditto. The new trailer:

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Rich said...

Looks awesome! Show seems to have new life in it this season.