Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TV Tonight: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage (Again)

This particular Tuesday is fucked, TV-wise: There’s nothing new I can, in good conscience, recommend to watch, nor anything even worth a snarky swipe. So let’s do this …

What’s rerunning tonight:
Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO) From Sunday: A classic Curb, with Larry and Rosie O’Donnell fighting over the same bisexual woman in NYC. Larry’s edge? “Juicing” with a little blue pill supplied by just-arrived Leon (J.B. Smoove, easily the funniest CYE supporting player ever). The baseball parallels are priceless, and Rosie finally reminds us that she used to be a comedian. And if you think this one is hysterical (you should), wait till the Sept. 4 “Mr. Softee” episode. No wonder Season 8 is killing it in the ratings.

Entourage (HBO) From Sunday: Meanwhile, in the waning weeks of Entourage, the series is showing some signs of getting its shit together—better late than an ill-advised continuation movie, right? In the episode “Motherfucker,” E is seduced into bed by the ex-stepmother of his ex-fiancee Sloan, Melinda Clarke (played nicely by Melinda Clarke). Thing is, actress “Melinda” is also desperate for a gig and begging E to be her agent—what about Nikita? Does The CW not count as viable employment? Never mind. Next week: We finally learn Mrs. Ari’s first name! Squeal!

New tonight:
Take the Money & Run, Combat Hospital (ABC); It’s Worth What?, America’s Got Talent (NBC); Pretty Little Liars, The 9 Lives of Chloe King (ABC Family); Billy the Exterminator (A&E); Teen Mom, Awkward (MTV); What Not to Wear (TLC); Downsized (We); Web Therapy (Showtime)

It’s Larry vs. Rosie on Curb Your Enthusiasm …

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